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Circus workshops are a continuous “drop in” experience for shopping centers or community festivals where kids can learn to juggle, spin plates, hula hoop, balance and do rudimentary

acrobatics. Our trainers are on hand to run short sessions and give tips and encouragement.

Kids can stay for aslong or as short a time

as they like.

It’s a great way to give mum a break and let kids burn off energy doing something that builds self esteem and gives them a sense of accomplishment. 


1. The circus workshop creates a fantastic vibe anywhere: Bright colours, laughter, lots of

movement, and a hive of crazy, kinetic activity.


2. Circus skills are healthily addictive: Kids get

excited when they accomplish things they never thought they could. They stay for hours and

many come back day after day.


3. Parents have fun too: They are invited into the space and often share special one-on-one time, teaching their kids simple motor skills and tricks. Seeing adults being so care-free is one of the

greatest joys in offering these workshops.


4. Workshops develop performing skills: Kids love

to show off and be the centre of attention and the circus workshops give them that opportunity in a structured way. This in turn provides a "happening"

in the space and often draws large crowds of delighted onlookers. 

Kids Circus Workshops


Circus Skills are great training for hand-eye

co-ordination, balance and concentration.

They develop perseverance and physical confidence, but most importantly, they are

fantastic fun!

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