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Stage Shows


I have a performance style that's developed over more than 20 years of working with kids.

I use a framework of tricks and segments to enable a high degree of improvisation, audience interaction and unplanned chaos.  The trick with kid shows (I reckon...) is to keep them balanced between facination, delight and outrage. I want them to get excited, laugh and to join in, to get up on stage, show off and have a ball. Kids love slapstick, physical humour and spontaniety and they love it when they feel they can turn the tables on the performer. I want to give kids permission to give me a hard time and make me jump through hoops. They dont see adults do this normally and its delightful for them. It keeps me on my toes, keeps the material fresh, and keeps me guessing. No show is ever the same...I love it! 

...starring Mr Ace P Freckle  is a hugely funny clown show with Juggling, magic, slapstick humour and lots of audience participation. 



Cedric Irving, Strong man and Human Cannon ball performs daring and dangerous feats of  breathtaking skill and endurence.


Gaston Souffle's

Funny French cooking show

Gaston is the quintessential French Chef.  

Marvel his masterful recipies for snails and frogs legs, Duck l'orange and more. 


Slip, Slop, Slapstick

Cedric Irving's

Mighty Juggling Show

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