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The Mad Hatter


The Mad Hatter is as mad as a two bob watch. He's  nutty as a fruit cake, loopy, zanny,  potty and thoroughly deranged. He's fastidious, pedantic, capricious and vain: deluded, befuddled and not to be trusted or relied upon at all. Highly argumentitive. Despite occassional hissy fits and delusions of grandure, he can sometimes  be mildly entertaining in small doses. 

Delia Dahlia and Ted the Gardener

Delia and Ted are a musical, horticultural act who love flowers, springtime, gardens and compost. They tell stories, sing songs, juggle flower pots, run games and give gardening tips. They're great for springtime and gardening themed events.  An especially popular pastime with passing shoppers is having their photo taken with Steve the garden gnome. 

The Ringmaster

For circus themed events, side show spruiking and grand occasions. 

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