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Things start to get interesting when the kids

discover what actually makes people laugh - and what

its like to have an audience of adoring adults in the

palm of your hand!


Parents love this show!  It allows them to watch

their darlings play up, have a riotous time and burn

off energy all at once.


 Great Photo Opportunities;

 Kids often come back 2 and 3 times during the

week to do it all again!



Clown School is a Holiday Workshop/show for 

shopping centers where kids  dress up, learn tricks and 

perform on stage as Clowns.


Eminent Clownologist Mr Ace P Freckle 

 (aka Nick Fury) takes  kids through the serious

 business of falling over, pulling funny faces, learning silly walks and hamming  it up in front of a crowd. 

Kids Clowning Workshops

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