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Kids Activity Workshops


We provide workshops that operate on a couple of different levels. We believe that first and formost, activity/play should be be fun, (this, above all else!) but  it can also teach something worthwhile or develop a skill, invite parents to participate and create an inviting spectacle of activity, interest, colour and excitement. Furthermore, we have an obsessional personal crusade that kids discover a purer kind of fun, away from screens and devices - using simple objects and games with worlds of possibility. Below are a selection of brilliant workshops, so click on the links for videos and more details.

Kids Circus

Balloon Zoo

Clown School 

Carnival of Games

Kids learn Juggling, Hula Hooping, plate spinning and more

Kids dress up as clowns and learn the fundamentals of slapstick, silly walks and funny faces

Outdoor or indoor extavaganza of party games, crazy relays, team challenges and more. 

Kids learn the basics of balloon twisting to make a crazy array of critters as well as love hearts, ninja swords and funny hats

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