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... is a themed play program for toddlers at Shopping centres  consisting of performance,  games and activities.



Clown School

Ace P. Freckle

Gaston Souffle


Hi fun lovers...

FunFactor provides entertainment and activities for all kinds of Events. We do Circus and Juggling shows for Festivals, Outdoor games activities,  Comedy shows at shopping centres, kids workshops, Comic MCs and programs for Toddlers. Have a look through the site and see what you find. Contact us via email or direct on 0414 519 741

Roaming Acts

The Mad Hatter


Despite occasional fits of hysteria and inexcusably bad behaviour, the Mad Hatter can sometimes be entertaining in small doses...  

The Ring Master


For circus events and grand occasions.

The Ringmaster is a commanding presence when you need people to look up and take notice.  

Delia Dahlia and Ted the Gardiner


Delia and Ted are a musical, horticultural duo who love flowers, springtime, gardens and compost.

Nick Fury MC for Festivals
and Community Events




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